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The future of fashion is digital technology at Apparel Insiders, Interview written by Rebecca Cringan. Read more at – ;



Global fashion web site wrote article about ItsMeSee

Just-style #ItsMeSee

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We are featured on USA Today and now our finished campaign is attracting a lot of traffic:

USA Today writes: If you really want to take your digital shopping experience to a never-before-seen level, ItsMeSee might be right up your alley.


Trinagel Business Journal:

Yahoo Finance:

I want pop:

Virtual Strategy Magazine:

Italian cites:


Avatar virtuale che crea vestiti in un click!

Paper blog:

Got some interest in China as well.

 Interview about ItsMeSee (Bulgarian Language)

Interview with Ivelina Dagsvold on Bulgarian TV from 15.06.2015

Bulgarian newspapers:

“National Business Post”  .

One more aricle:


Article about ItsMeSee:

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ItsMeSee will change the way we shop Online, by HULENCE


Vennta The blog is an essential part of – the most innovative online boutique in Bulgaria. Born as an idea in 2013, Through the eyes of VENTTA, became a free media that offers interesting material but it also gives the chance to people to express themselves. Read more: VENNTA collaborates with ItsMeSee and also the whole article about ItsMeSee on VENTTA`s blog

Amit Chandratechnology/fashion blogger, Read the article about ItsMeSee

Jaimie Mollie – personal shopper, internal and external image/body/healt/wardrobe stylist. Read more bout ItsMeSee at:

With fashion blogger Kyshana “Styled by Kishana”

With fashion, lifestyle and entertainment blogger Lizbeth Kariuki,The Fab Diaries failed to embed.

We had an interview with an African renown tech blogger Diaby Mohamed:



Fashion designer and founder of brand nÅrsk Ivelina Dagsvold




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